Taking the plunge...

Hi, Hannah here... currently sat here with a glass of wine wondering how to possibly start this.

Michael and I decided we were going to quit our jobs and travel about 6 months before we actually set off. Although I had dreamed of travelling since school, Michael didn't really share this passion when we first spoke about it. However, speaking to others who had done exactly that, I could see him getting more and more excited.

Arriving in Australia after our 29 hour flight from the UK was a bit of an eye opener. Instead of feeling elated and happy to finally be here, like others mentioned, I had an overwhelming sense of loneliness. Stupid, I know, as I was in no way lonely, but the reality of not seeing any friends or family members for at least 6 months finally hit home. We spent our first few days trying to get accustomed to our new life; sorting out health insurance, opening bank accounts etc (all the fun stuff), yet the elation never really came.

Fast forward a week or so and we…